Binibining Pilipinas 2011 Official Candidates



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01 zephorah 02 elizabeth 03  carolyn 04 gianna 05 jen natividad 06 patricia 07 angelia 08 kristina 09 bernadette aguirre 10 hazelyn 11 diana 12 carla 13 queenie 14 marish 15 arabella 16 sabrine 17 girlie lero 18 pamela 19 wendy 20 jenette 21 kenneth 22 paula 23 luzelle 24 chloe 25 isabelle 26 shamcey 27 janine 28 bianca 29 krystle 30 kathleen 31 samantha 32 jenn roe 33 dianne 34 mary jean 35 suzette 36 camille 37 sarah 38 ladylyn 39 glennifer 40 monique manuel

1-Zephorah Mayon,
2-Elizabeth Clenci,
3-Carolyn Ty,
4-Gianna Therese Quintos,
5-Jennielyn Natividad,
6-Patricia Marie Tumulak,
7-Angelia Ong,
8-Kristina Marasigan,
9-Bernadette Aguirre,
10-Hazelyn Santos,
11-Diana Arevalo,
12-Carla Lacson,
13-Queenierich Rehman,
14-Marish Alyssa Marquinez,
15-Arabella Hanesh,
16-Sabrinne Al-Tawil,
17-Gerlie Lero,
18-Teresa Pamela Ludovice,
19-Wendy Lucas,
20-Jenette Noguchi,
21-Kenneth Dimaapi,
22-Paula Camille Figueras,
23-Luzelle Felipe,
24-Martha Chloe McCulley,
25-Isabella Manjon,
26-Shamcey Supsup,
27-Janine Tugonon,
28-Paula Bianca Paz,
29-Krsytle Ann Grant,
30-Kathleen Subijano,
31-Samantha Purvor,
32-Jenn Roe Gubat,
33-Dianne Necio,
34-Mary Jean Lastimosa,
35-Suzette Hernandez,
36-Camille Alexis Baltazar,
37-Sarah Nicole Clenci,
38-Ladylyn Riva,
39-Glennifer Perido,
40-Monique Manuel,

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