Miss Resort World Manila 2010 Swimwear competition



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Erika Fria Hadeer Janelle Maecon Maxine Diana Paola Roxanne Nicole Erika. Fria1 Maecon. Paola. Anthea Ayi Jaysel. Mimi Sarah Unique Anthea. Ayi. Sarah. Unique. Jaysel. Mimi. Ann Bamba carol. Joyce Ann Julliane Kristi Lenny Lyka Patricia Red Rizza Samantha Ann. Bamba. carol Joyce Ann. Jullianne. Kristi. Lenny. Lyka. Patricia. Red1 Rizza. Samantha. Anthea with finalist - Fria, Jaysel, Erika and Bamba Winner Anthea. Winner Anthea with candidates

Resort World Manila,
October 26, 2010

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