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January 25, 2011...
Makati Shangrila Hotel


Chairman and CEO of Miss World Limited Julia Morley was in Manila to award the exclusive licensee agreement of Ms. World Philippines to tri-media personality and wellness guru Cory Quirino at a ceremony witnessed by Mrs. Morley’s entourage and members of the press at the Makati Shangri- La Manila Hotel.
In Manila for the first time in its 60-year history, Mrs. Morley, who was accompanied by reigning Miss World Alexandria Mills from the USA, first runner-up Emma Wareus from Botswana, noted that the awarding of the license was a highlight of her world tour, calling it a momentous occasion for Miss World organizers. The organization is currently celebrating its 60th year of
“Beauty with a Purpose” and has raised more than US$400 million in support of children’s charities across the globe since its inception.
“We are entering into a new paradigm of pageants, in keeping with our mission and values,” remarked Ms. Quirino, who, as the chair of World for All Foundation, counts the PGH Medical Foundation and Tuloy Street Children Foundation as major beneficiaries; both of which were represented by their respective chairmen Dr. Greg Alvior and Fr. Rocky Evangelista at the signing. She added “With more than 15 years as an officer serving Rotary International Districts 3810 and 3830, I have found the focus on community development by the organizers of Miss World congruent with my continuing advocacies.”
During their less than 48-hour stay in the country, Mrs. Morley and her party, which included Miss World Ltd. Events Director Stephen Douglas and Consultant to Miss World-Asia Paul Lee, made special trips to the Philippine General Hospital, the Tuloy Street Children Foundation’s facilities in Alabang, and the Ospital ng Makati.
At the luncheon ceremony, Mrs. Morley recalled the pageant’s history. Founded by her husband Eric Morley in 1951, the first Miss World pageant was welcomed by an audience greater than those at other international events such as the World Cup and the Olympic Games. At its peak, the show claimed an audience of 27.5 million in Britain alone. Sixty years onward, the pageant still manages to pull in crowds with the world’s most beautiful women assembled in one place.
Her acceptance of the license reflects Miss Qurino’s “commitment to be a catalyst for women and children’s health, development and empowerment,” and socio-civic undertakings will be a core activity of Miss World Philippines.
The enduring popularity of Miss World has been further enhanced with the global beauty pageant being localized and its exclusive license awarded to Ms. Quirino. The public is looking forward to this new chapter of the pageant’s history in the country, as shown by the attention showered upon Mrs. Morley’s visit.

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