Bravo Filipino Fashion Show at GreenBelt 5



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Pitoy moreno...binibining  pilipinas world 2008 janina san miguel Patis tesoro Patis tesoro 4 Patis tesoro 3 Patis tesoro 2 Patis tesoro 1 Nolie hans Nolie hans 4 Nolie hans 3 Nolie hans 2 Nolie hans 1 Pitoy moreno Pitoy bb pilipinas 2008 Pitoy moreno...binibining  pilipinas universe 2008 jennifer barrientos Pitoy moreno...binibining  pilipinas international 2008 patricia fernandez Ben farrales Ben farrales 3 Ben farrales 2 Ben farrales 1 Aureo alonzo Aureo alonzo 2 Aureo alonzo 1

GreenBelt 5,
March 13, 2008

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